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Membership of the PPPTG and Application Form

If you would like to have your business listed in the High Street pages of the Visit Penistone website you must become a member of the Penistone, Peak and Pennine Tourism Group. Details about the group, its work and membership can be found on the Penistone, Peak and Pennine Tourist Group website. Please read the information on the right before filling out this form.


The Visit Penistone website is run and maintained by the Penistone, Peak and Pennine Tourism Group (PPPTG).

If you’d like your business to appear on these pages you must be a member of the PPPTG. Currently the subscription is £25 per annum but it is expected to rise in the near future. There is also a one-off fee of £30 for the set-up of your page on the site. Members must provide all the text and photography and they must own the copyright to all these materials.

So the initial fee is £55 for the first year, £25 per year thereafter.

You may submit 3 general photos and 1 large banner photo.

An example of a page can be seen here:

More detailed information can be read here.

NB Images and other attachments can’t be sent with this form.
Please send photos to

Technical Info and Reference

1 – Example of page with photo banner/heading:

2 – Example of page with plain heading:

All photos should be submitted as jpegs.
The 3 general pictures should be 450 x 300 pixels (as seen in both examples 1 and 2 above).
The larger banner photo should be 1615 x 325 pixels.
If you can’t make images to these sizes yourself we can do it for you. However, bear in mind that if your banner photo is smaller than the dimensions above then it might not enlarge adequately. Because poor images can do more harm than no images at all it may be better to omit this and have a plain heading (see example 2).

All text should be submitted in digital format. This includes Word documents, PDFs, plain text files or simply in the body of an email. DO NOT SUBMIT PUBLISHER FILES.

If you don’t see a category that is relevant to your business please select the “Miscellaneous” and “Other” options. Please feel free to suggest another category but please be aware that this is not a guarantee that one will be created.

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Developed and maintained by the Penistone, Peak and Pennine Tourism Group. For information about us, our work and how to join go to
The High Street section of the Visit Penistone website has been made possible with the kind help of Penistone Town Council, and contributing members of the local business community. Please support your local businesses.

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