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This is where the main description of the business will go. Generally speaking, you want to keep this brief because people don’t like to read too much on web pages.

You can have up to 3 photos at the top of the page and one main banner image. In this example the 3 images are as large as they’ll get but you can also have them act as thumbnails that people can click to view a larger version. Most of the time this isn’t really necessary unless it’s a really good photo or it contains details that would otherwise be lost.

The banner image must be high quality otherwise it will become blurred. If you don’t have a decent quality image for this it’s better to leave this space empty – a poor image does more harm than none at all. You can see an example of a bannerless page here.

One of these images will be used for the featured image which you’ll see on the category landing page which you can see here.

All pages are “responsive”, i.e. they will all adapt to various screen sizes such as laptops, tablets and mobile phone in order to give the visitor the best viewing options. Examples of this can be seen here.

The map you see on the right can be placed in this section instead (see below). This is your choice. A larger map is easier to see but also occupies more space which might be considered unnecessary.

Special Options

This section can be retitled or removed if necessary. For a café or similar it might be that you want to highlight gluten-free or vegetarian options for instance. This could be the place to add that information to make it stand out rather than being lost in the main text above.

Other Sections

You can have other sections if you like. What you add here is entirely up to you.



1 High Street,
S36 6AR

Café Number One


Person’s Name (if required)
Landline: 01226 123456
Mobile: 07766 012345

Café Number One

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